Coach Direct Affiliate - Terms and Conditions

1. TENX PRO Responsibilities - To endeavour to deliver a successful Coach Direct Affiliate program where possible that provides a -
    • Generous coach commission structure and pricing to the coach customers.
    • Positive service to both coaches and their customers
    • Monthly payments to the coach for commissions earned.
    • Coach reseller commission when a sale of TENX products is made using the coach specific discount voucher code.
    • Coach Direct Affiliate commission calculation ((Product retail price less 15%
      discount) - (Any transport and/or tax costs)) X (Coach Direct Commission
      Percentage) = Coach Affiliate Commission
    2. Coach Responsibilities -
    • To promote TENX Products, provide demo racquets and advice
    • A coach may at any time leave the coach direct program by notifying TENXPRO by email -
    3. Disputes Resolution
    • TENXPRO will attempt to review disputes fairly.
    • TENX has the full discretion and authority in decide how best to resolve a dispute. Particularly relating to sales recognition, commission calculations and payments.
    4. Amendments to Coach direct Affiliate Program- TENXPRO has full discretion and authority at any time to -
    • Adjust the coach direct reseller commissions, customer prices and discounts with immediate effect.
    • Amend the product mix and specifications when deemed necessary.
    • Exclude any aspect or function within the Coach Direct Affiliate program
    5. Termination arrangement -
    • A Coach Reseller may leave the program at any time by sending an emailing to . From the date of the email TENX PRO will no longer be required to pay any commissions to the Coach Reseller.
    • TENXPRO may terminate the whole coach direct program at any time after providing 1 month notice of termination to the coach reseller by email.