XCALIBRE delivers expert playability, custom feel and outstanding quality.  It is A REAL GAME CHANGER. Uniflex TM technology has been designed, engineered, and manufactured to deliver the XCALIBRE tennis racquet range.  Delivered exclusively by TENXPRO, the racquets are at the cutting edge of technological ingenuity.


XSTRIKE delivers outstanding controlled power, custom feel and spin. Designed to optimise playability this “advanced uniform flex racquet” has the added benefit of a larger sweet spot and lower arm vibration. Players of all levels can now enjoy the thrill and performance of a pro stock quality racquet. Accelerate-Your-Talent by taking advantage of TENX exclusive “Uniflex TM Technology”.


German engineered, ATP tour quality string with an extreme twisted profile. These strings provides exceptional playability and delivers a crisp response on impact. The rough edge profile delivers and exceptional combination of power and spin with added durability.